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" The best, most effective alternative to refacing  your kitchen or bathroom cabinets "

Cabinet Repainting

Transform your Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets with a fresh yet affordable solution. Whether it’s a bold colour to give a new pop to your space or to simply brighten up the current colour, Painting Contractors Corp. will guide you throughout the whole process and leave you with brand new cabinets in no time.

Other Services

Interior Painting

We know that when it comes to interior painting, meticulous care is needed. Detail is key in revamping your space with the highest-quality of paints, tools & service. From keeping your space splatter-free to discussing the process of painting, our paint experts will sit down & consult with you with every phase of the project.

Exterior Painting

Get your neighbors turning heads with your new home. From the cleaning preparation to the intensive painting, we guarantee a solid outcome with no missed spots. With over 37 years of experience, our paint is long-lasting and premium-quality, ensuring your exteriors stay as beautiful as the first time.

  • Approximately 1/5 of the costs of replacement or 1/3 the cost or re-facing  or changing your doors. 
  • With a factory like finish, your cabinets will look and feel like new 
  • Choose any colour or combinations of colours 
  • Two gloss levels:  Pearl or semi- gloss 
  • Completed in approximately 10 business days

With no headaches, surprises or excuses

Repaint Respray Refinish

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Benefits of painting your cabinets

You still have full access to your kitchen

Leave your items in your cabinets and drawers 


Factory like finish 

Urethane based application 


Reusing your cabinets in good for the environment

No harmful odours 


About Painting Contractors Corp

Painting Contractors Corp. is family-owned and operated since 1982. Our service comes with a personal touch as we treat each customer as part of the Painting Contractors family. We take pride in the fact that most of our clients come through customer referral and/or returned business. With an AAA record & being with the Better Business Bureau for 10 years, we are continuing to expand our services while staying true to our family values.

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Since 1982

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